Part 3: Bringing on IC's with ASTA Entrepreneur of the year winner Ashley Metesh-McCoy - Travel Biz CEO

Episode 21

Part 3: Bringing on IC's with ASTA Entrepreneur of the year winner Ashley Metesh-McCoy

In 2019 Ashley Metesh-McCoy submitted her application for ASTA (American Society of Travel Entrepreneurs) Entrepreneur of the Year. The application was submitted on behalf of the program that she developed for her new independent contractors at her host agency Kinship Vacations.

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Krystal Eicher

Co-Founder Kinship Travel Academy and Host of Travel Biz CEO

Krystal is the self appointed Girlfriend Getaway Guru. Her travel business, Serendipitous Traveler focuses on girlfriend getaways.

Krystal learned early in her travel career of the importance of niching far down and focusing on your ideal client. Using her background in marketing from previous careers, she mentors other travel advisors and encourages them to focus not on the style of travel, but on the traveler themselves.
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Ashley Metesh-McCoy

Ashley Metesh-McCoy is the Co-Founder of Kinship Travel Academy and host of this podcast. As the self appointed Business Operations Nerd of KTA, Ashley mentors other agents in setting up effective systems in their travel business to make things run more efficiently.

Ashley is also the Owner/Founder of the Host Agency Kinship Vacations whose self designed education platform won her ASTA's (American Society of Travel Advisors) 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year.